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The One Footed Pigeon Difference

We hate big words; we hate how they are tossed around in the technology world.
One Footed Pigeon is about keeping it simple, that’s who we are and how we do things. In a nutshell, we offer simple, easy to understand products to make your new or existing web business run smoother, easier, and with more profitability. If you have a problem, we can fix it. If you’re new to the Internet and want the best web site for your money, then we can help there too.
We love the internet, we love business, we love the possibilities and above all else we want to share that with our clients.

What can we do for you?

Web Services
-Web design and frame work advice
-Web site optimization
-Web marketing advice, including advertising budget allocation
-Web site traffic monitoring and custom reports
-General web site advice and resolution service
Graphic Services
- Logo design
- Business card and stationary design
- Retail signs and Dye cutting
- Product label and package design
- Promo concept and design
- Poster and Flyer design

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